Discovering Natural and Historical Landmarks in Zell am See

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Zell am See city is located in the heart of the Alps on the High Tauern plateau and is one of the main local ski cities with over 130 km of downhill trails and many notable natural landmarks such as its crystal-clear lake and Kitzsteinhorn mountain.

The city is also renowned for its many restaurants, cafes, hotels, and resorts equipped with spa centers, swimming pools, and other comfort amenities. Some of the main tourist attractions include:

Natural landmarks

Zell am See Lake

Zell am See Lake is considered one of the most prominent tourist landmarks there, with a length of 4 kilometers and a width of 1.5 kilometers. It is one of the most visited lakes in Austria and offers boating, sailing, and swimming opportunities. It also includes water tramplines and in winter, tourists usually visit it for skiing on its frozen surface.

Elizabeth Park

This park (Elizabeth Park) was named after Empress Elizabeth and is a distinctive recreation area located on the banks of the Ziller River. It is the site of many outdoor music events and light shows.


This area provides a stunning view of the town of Zell am See and its lake.

Schmittenhöhe Mountain

Schmittenhöhe Mountain is considered one of the local mountains in the area and one of the most attractive tourist landmarks. Tourists usually visit it in winter for skiing as it is a famous skiing area, while in summer, it is a suitable destination for long walks while enjoying the beautiful panoramic views. The mountain also includes a peak that rises 2000 meters above sea level and provides a stunning view of Zell am See Lake and the surrounding mountains. In summer, the area is famous for paragliding.

Historical landmarks

St. Hippolyte’s Church

St. Hippolyte’s Church houses the remains of ancient buildings and was built during the medieval period. It features Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Heritage Museum- Vogtturm

The Heritage Museum- Vogtturm is located in the Vogt tower in the center of Zillam and spans four floors. It is commonly visited by tourists to learn about the local heritage and culture.

Rosenberg Castle

Rosenberg Castle dates back to the 16th century and was built in the South German Renaissance style. It currently houses the city hall and a exhibition.

In addition to many other historical landmarks such as the Heritage Museum, Rosenberg Castle, and St. Hippolyte’s Church.

Is Zell am See worth visiting?

Zell am See is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic lake, mountains, and various historical landmarks. Whether it is worth visiting depends on individual preferences and travel goals.

What airport do you fly to for Zell am See?

The nearest airport to Zell am See is Salzburg W. A. Mozart Airport (SZG), located approximately 60 km away. Other nearby airports include Innsbruck Airport (INN) and Munich International Airport (MUC), both located about 130 km away.

Does Zell am See have a train station?

The Zell am See train station is situated in the heart of the town, making it possible to walk to numerous hotels and restaurants.

How many days is enough for Zell am See?

The ideal length of a visit to Zell am See depends on individual preferences and travel pace. Typically, a stay of 2-3 days is sufficient to explore the town’s main sights and activities.

Travel Activities in Zell am See

Zell am See offers a variety of travel activities for visitors to enjoy, including skiing and snowboarding at the nearby ski resort, exploring the old town and its historical landmarks, hiking, and biking in the surrounding mountains, boat rides on Lake Zell, and visiting the local spas and wellness centers. Additionally, there are many cultural events and festivals held throughout the year, such as the Zell am See Music Festival and the Zell am See Wine Festival.

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